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RF Mural
New Hampshire poet Robert Frost encouraged teachers to "get poetry into the high schools."

In “Education by Poetry,” Frost cautions “unless you have had your proper poetic education in the metaphor, you are not safe anywhere. Because you are not at ease with figurative values: you don’t know the metaphor in its strength and its weakness. You don’t know how far you may expect to ride it and when it may break down with you. You are not safe in science; you are not safe in history.”

We take Robert Frost's words seriously. Each year, the Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival will partner with teachers to get poetry off the page and into our community. We'll organize generative writing workshops in local schools, host a day of poetry for teens at the Festival. Best of all, the New Hampshire Teen Poetry Prize will invite students to share what they're thinking and feeling with the world, a true resource for us all.