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Small Press Fair

Join us an extravaganza of indie presses, printmaking, artist books, lit journals, and zines! The Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival's first annual Small Press Fair takes place all day Saturday, April 13, from 10 AM to 5 PM, in Hamilton Smith Hall's atrium. The Fair will include the following presses (and more!)

Arlington Literary Journal, an e-journal known as ArLiJo, is located in Arlington, Virginia.

It was established by Gival Press and will continue to publish winners of the annual Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award and the annual Gival Press Short Story Award.

The intent of ArLiJo is to feature a variety of authors/poets/artists from around the globe whose work provokes readers to contemplate issues, etc.

The work chosen promotes understanding and sensitivity across borders, even if initially the work may cause one to take a double-take.

Website: https://www.arlijo.com/

Originally created in 2009 by MFA students from the University of New Hampshire, Barnstorm Journal is celebrating 15 years of publishing some of the best personal essays, short stories, poetry and visual art. Barnstorm loves work that's playful, takes risks, and harnesses energy. In spirt of this, the journal is currently holding a contest for hybrid work to announce our new submission category! This contest, consisting of a monetary prize, runs until April 26th with no entry fee. 

Website: www.barnstormjournal.org

Bauhan Publishing is an independent publisher in Peterborough, New Hampshire. We focus mostly on New England regional books in the areas of poetry, history, art, nature studies, and memoir, as well as venturing into thoughtful books that explore sustainability of both the earth and the spirit. In 2012, we established the May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize, a prize celebrating the centenary of May Sarton (1912-1995), who lived for many years in nearby Nelson, NH. Bill Bauhan published her poetry book As Does New Hampshire—May’s love letter to the town of Nelson and its people—in 1967. The poetry contest is open to all and has a new judge every year who reads every manuscript. This past year’s winner is Heather Treseler, whose book Auguries & Divinations has just been released. Check out her workshop with Anthony Walton at this year’s Nossrat Yassini Poetry Festival!

Website: https://bauhanpublishing.com/

Black Lawrence Press is committed to publishing chapbooks and full-length poetry, prose, and hybrid works by an array of authors who reflect the vibrant and diverse array of writers within our American and global communities. We also publish anthologies and translations. BLP hosts annual writing contests and open reading periods, provides free writing workshops, and offers manuscript consultations. Over the course of the past two decades we've published over 400 books, dozens of which have won prestigious awards. Black Lawrence Press was founded in upstate New York in the land between two rivers, the Black River and the beautiful St. Lawrence River, hence the name Black Lawrence Press.

Website: blacklawrencepress.com

bottle rockets press mainly focuses on a number of Japanese poetic forms such as haiku, senryu, tanka,haiga and short western style poems. Its magazine, bottle rockets: a collection of short verse is the longest running continuous haiku magazine under one editorship in the United States. The staff is celebrating its 25th year in print! Its contributors have ranged from poets such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane di Prima, Ann Waldman to lesser known, but equally worthy poets that you might bump into at a neighborhood reading or café.

brp also publishes single-author poetry books, as well as, a series of anthologies on fireflies, cats, birds, flowers, and amusement parks.

Part of the brp mission statement is to publish books that explore the human condition from a multitude of perspectives. bottle rockets is including in its pages a new section that will explore haiku art, book art, letterpress printing, book making, and poetry poster/ broadsides. bottle rockets press encourages art, thinking, questioning, and activism to be incorporated into our daily lives and promote all types of peace.

Website: bottlerocketspress.com

Broadsided: literature & art for you walls & streets

An unbound journal of literary/visual collaboration, a public art project, an ekphrastic panoply, Broadsided is all that and more. Founded in 2005, Broadsided publishes twice-yearly folios of visual-literary collaborations as free posters for anyone to download and print. Special features, book reviews, and lesson plans amplify the broadsides.

At Broadsided, writing is chosen from open submissions.  Upon acceptance, one of our contributing artists will “dibs” the writing and create a visual response which is then integrated into a beautiful, singular broadside.  Distribution is managed by grass-roots “Vectors” who print the letter-sized pdfs and post them in on utility poles, notice boards, and anywhere in their neighborhoods they feel needs a little art.

Currently, we are running our annual “Switcheroo” contest, in which we post a piece of art and ask for writers to respond (deadline May 1). We welcome emerging and venerable writers equally.

Website: www.broadisdedpress.org

Gival Press, LLC, an award-winning independent literary publishing house located in Arlington, Virginia, was established in 1998 with a focus on publishing books of literary fiction, non-fiction (essays / educational texts), and poetry, of which some have been in Spanish or French.

To promote writing, Gival Press has sponsored writing contests since 1999.

Website: https://www.givalpress.com/

June Road Press is an editor-run micropress based in Pennsylvania, currently publishing two full-length poetry collections a year, with a focus on work by debut or emerging writers who identify as women. We aim to publish books that are timely and timeless: things of lasting beauty that connect us across time and place, that guide and enrich, that transport and inspire, that help readers slow down to better know their environment and each other. We're interested in meaningful journeys of all kinds.

Website: https://www.juneroadpress.com/

Hello! We are Main Street Magazine, and here’s the gist of this magazine-coming-from-main-street dealio—we are us, and we are you. Who does that entail? Well, any student at the University of New Hampshire who enjoys anything. But, of all things, we are individuals who most particularly enjoy the spices and flavors of life. You know—the hues and tints, the shades and values involved in the pursuit of being a human. We’re a think-tank of creative expression—we’re quirky, funky, thoughtful, passionate, and inspired. We encourage any kind of creation, and we're excited to express ourselves as college students and young imaginatives. We’re a mixed bag of introspection, collaboration, inclusion, and ambition. We’re amiable and welcoming, embracing new contributors and cherishing new ideas. Even if you don’t quite have a thing that you like to create yet, we’re also here for you, because art is for everybody. We’re an ever-evolving collective that has 100 pages of a magazine to fill each semester with student writing, art, photography, and creative juiciness. We’ve got YouTube videos to make, release parties to rejoice at, and a website to update in support of it all. Feel free to give us a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., check out our Instagram @mainstmag, our website, or come by our next meeting. Happy creating!

Website: https://mainstreetmagazine.org/

At Maxella Designs, we specialize in handcrafted gifts and accessories for all! This weekend, we’ll be bringing tons of handmade crochet plushies, one of a kind jewelry, and fun accessories.

Website: https://www.maxelladesignsstudio.com/

Perugia Press, founded in 1997, is a nonprofit feminist micro press publishing one beautifully designed book each year: the winner of the Perugia Press Prize, our annual national contest for first or second books of poetry by women. Our mission is to support and promote women’s poetry in print and beyond, and we aim to expand the audience for poetry by making books that welcome longtime readers of poetry and those new to poetry. At Perugia, we do our part to tip the scales of gender inequity in poetry into balance by launching women's voices into the world, one excellent book at a time.

Website: https://perugiapress.org/

Now in our 20th year, Slate Roof Press is member-run and committed to publishing the best new voices in poetry with a focus on Massachusetts and regional poets. While addressing a range of material, our chapbooks are emotionally, intellectually, and musically rich. Slate Roof chapbooks are designed by the poets themselves, and feature letterpress covers, special papers, and hand-sewn bindings.

Website: http://www.slateroofpress.com.

Squirrels, foxes, naked ladies from the swamp. It's all fair game. Public school teacher-powered Squirrel Nest Press is about printing on sustainable materials and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. For us, that's not so much individual actions but about burning down systems that don't work any more. It's about education, so we can repair and build better systems together. It's about paper and ink.

Instagram: @bethanymclarke

Hi! We are The Whole Knit and Kaboodle! We are a queer-owned shop that specializes in handmade crochet items and original art prints/stickers. Our crochet products are primarily stuffed animals, but also include home decor, bags, clothing, and jewelry. Our overall vibe is cute, cozy and eccentric! We hope for our products to bring joy to our customers above all else!

Website: https://www.wholeknitncaboodle.com/

Zephyr Press is an independent, non-profit literary publishing house founded in 1980 specializing in bilingual books of poetry from generally underrepresented cultures. We like to say that we serve as a bridge between cultures. Our books have won or been short-listed for the Griffin Prize, the National Book Critics Circle award, the Harold Morton Landon Award, and the Heldt Prize, among other accolades. The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova was named one of the best books of its year by the New York Times.

Website: www.zephyrpress.org

Signups are now closed for the 2024 press fair.