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Workshops: 12:45-2:45 PM


 Time  Location Title  Description 
 12:45 PM   HS 255    Emily Dickinson's Letterboxd Scholar Hilda Bilgewater's recent discover of Emily Dickinson's Letterboxd account has taken the poetry world by storm. Dickinson's detailed and psychologically complex reviews of the Fast and the Furious Franchise have forver changed the way we view "the Belle of Amherst."
 2:45 PM   HS 242  Rupi Kaur: Underrated? Poet and Instagram influencer Blythe Leighton Gossamer explains why a lot of poets might be trying a little too hard. 
2:45 PM   HS 666  Poetry That Will Certainly Drive You Mad Huntley G. Featherback takes you on a tour of the maddest, daffiest, most wacked-out poetry in the known Universe... Guaranteed to turn your brain into a cheese grater and forever turn you off to anything "normal".